What Does JJYS DO?

JJYS Provides a continuum of intervention, supervision, and rehabilitation programs to youth offenders while assuring public safety.

Who Does JJYS Serve?

JJYS serves two types of youth offenders:

Status Offenders
Juveniles, ages 8 to 18, who commit acts that are illegal only due to their age may include:
– acting beyond the control of their parents
– continually skipping school
– running away from home
– using tobacco and alcohol
– violating curfew

Delinquent Youth
Juveniles, ages 10 to 18, who commit misdemeanor or felony acts.

What Services Are Available For Status Offenders?

JJYS operates three types of programs for status offenders:
– Receiving Centers
– School-Based Outreach
– Youth Services

What Services And Facilities Are Available For Delinquent Youth?

JJYS provides the following services and placements for delinquent youth:
– Adult Living for Transitional Achievement
– Case Management
– Day Skills Intervention Program
– Gemstone Program
– Home Detention
– In-Home Observation and Assessment
– JJYS Custody Programs
– Juvenile Receiving Centers
– Locked Detention
– School Based Interventions
– Secure Care Facilities
– Youth Services

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers are an integral part of the treatment provided to the youth that we serve. For more information click here or email jjsmentors@utah.gov