Case Management

Case management services are provided to all delinquent youth placed in JJS custody. On a daily basis, a case manager makes placement decisions, monitors progress, helps determine consequences for noncompliance with rules, shoulders responsibility for the documentation required for the Division to collect federal entitlement payments, coordinates with providers, communicates with the youth’s family, and represents the Division in court. Case Management services continue after youth are released from a secure facility.

Facts about Case Management:

  • All delinquent youth in the custody of JJS have an assigned Case Manager.
  • Case Management services include monitoring and supervising youth, and developing and implementing treatment plans.
  • The Case Manager acts as a liaison between the youth, Juvenile Court, Youth Parole Authority, parents, and JJS programs.
  • Case Managers supervise youth while they are on parole (conditional release into the community) and can return a youth to secure care if the conditions of parole are not met.
  • Case Managers make recommendations to the Juvenile Court and Youth Parole Authority for treatment, placement, and release.

Case Management

Each youth committed to the Division for community placement or secure care is assigned to an individual case manager who guides the youth throughout their placement.

Evidence-Based Curricula include:

Case Planning, Carey Guides, Protective Risk Assessment.

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