Youth Services

Youth Services Centers provide voluntary crisis counseling and supports to runaway, homeless, and ungovernable youths and their families. Centers also accept self, parent and public referrals as well as referrals from Juvenile Receiving Centers.

Youth Services Centers Offer:

  • Crisis Intervention: provides immediate assessment and crisis counseling.
  • 60-day Counseling: extended counseling services for youth and families that need additional support to manage acute crises. Note: 60-day counseling not available in all locations.
  • Crisis Residential: residential program provides a safe and structured environment for youths with problems that cannot be resolved through crisis intervention and who cannot immediately be returned home.

Desired Outcome:

  • Keep youth safely in their homes, schools and communities
  • Early screening of a youth’s risks and needs
  • Referrals to appropriate services in the community
  • Divert youths from further involvement with the juvenile justice system

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Youth Services

The primary goals are to help keep families intact and to divert youths from further involvement with the juvenile justice system. There are 11 Youth Services Centers across the state. New locations will be opened in Davis County, Tooele and Moab.

Target Population:

Youth ages 10-17 who are at an early stage of delinquency. Youth Services also works with youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system who are living at home.

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Exclusionary Criteria:

Youth will not be accepted if they are displaying active psychosis, are actively suicidal, or if they exhibit violent behavior that cannot be managed.